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Our Mission

Nano Steps, Inc is a company aimed at promoting healthy living environmental technologies and advanced medical care technologies

around the world. We recognize that the researching and developing of ever more sophisticated theories ,technologies and devices is just as important as communicating and making these applications available to people in need around the globe. The fast pace in 21st century industrial and technological development has its undesirable byproducts.






   Toxic agents from chemical factories, bio-hazardous waste from research or industrial facilities, and abuses of antibiotics could expose human beings to catastrophic risks of violent outbreaks of global scale epidemics(SARS), uncontrollable infections due to superbug type of bacteria, or catching incurable diseases caused by certain self-mutating viruses.




     Unlike other type of threat we face each day, these threats may not be so obvious to be seen with naked eyes. These are microscopic particles easily hiding themselves in the water we may consume and air we may breathe every day.

A time has come when protecting one’s self from potential environmental harms is just as important as protecting our planet from abuses and pollutions.