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Blue Tube UV

The Original Patented
UV Light Kit in a Tube!
US patent #7,704,463
BLUE -TUBE UV ®   is the simple and complete  choice in UV light for
all residential applications. Everything you need  is in the
tube! Just connect  to a power source and install the UV light where needed.
BLUE -TUBE UV ®  is one of
the most popular Germicidal UV Light
systems in the world because  of its ease of installation and many innovative features.

UV Light Benefits
• Inhibits mold growth on coils and HVAC
system interior
• Saves energy/reduces maintenance costs
• Reduces airborne microbial contaminants

By reducing mold growth inside the
HVAC system BLUE -TUBE UV ® saves energy and reduces  the need  for system maintenance.
High and Low
Voltage Options

Magnetic “Z” Bracket
makes  installation a snap!
Scientific studies
show UV light can
kill 90% of microbes within 10 minutes. After 24 hours 99.9% are killed.

Germicidal UV light works by destroying the DNA inside the cells of microbes
which prevents  them
from reproducing.