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GGM Se r i e s

High-Efficiency Return Grille-Mount Electronic Air Cleaner

Standard Features
•  Pre-filters  (2) are constructed of aluminum mesh to  prevent lint and large particles from entering the  collecting cells
• Collecting cells (2) are constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum for durability and ease of maintenance
•  Plastic intake grille is easy to wipe clean
•  Hinged, swing-out door allows easy access to filters
•  Automatic interlock switch disconnects power when door is opened
•  Electronic Air-proving Switch (AS) allows for quick wiring; automatically cycles air cleaner on/off with the system fan
•  Performance indicator light (green LED) indicates high voltage to the collecting cells, ensuring air cleaner is  operating properly at a glance
•  Solid-state power board is manufactured on site for high reli- ability and long life; uniquely equipped with a variable resis- tor (potentiometer) to adjust high voltage output, if necessary

Cabinet Features
•  Durable powder coat paint finish on heavy gauge steel resists abrasion and provides trouble-free wall or ceiling mount installation
•  Holes are provided to facilitate mounting to duct work
•  Easily installs on the wall or ceiling in the main return duct of a central forced air heating/cooling system; slides into ceiling box installed within trusses on 24” centers without structural alterations