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Merv 16 rating
GSASD Se r i e S
Whole-house, high-efficiency
Electronic Air Cleaner
Standard Features
•  Pre-filters constructed of aluminum mesh to prevent 
lint and large particles from entering the collecting cells
•  Collecting cells constructed of heavy-gauge 
•  Activated carbon filters help remove unpleasant odors
•  Air-proving switch cycles air cleaner on/off with 
system fan
•  ON/OFF switch  light indicates power to air cleaner
•  Performance indicator light indicates high voltage 
transmitted to collecting cells
•  Equipped with a variable resistor (potentiometer) to adjust  high-voltage output
•  Removable power box contains the ON/OFF switch,  performance indicator light, safety interlock switch, high-voltage power board, and air-proving switch

Cabinet Features
•  Cell guides ensure proper placement of collecting 
cells in cabinet
•  Heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet allows for 
vertical or horizontal installation
•  Durable powder-coat paint finish helps cabinet 
resist corrosion