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HUM Series

HUM Se r i e S
High-Capacity Humidifiers

-Flow-thru Bypass and flow-Thru fan-powered

Standard Features
•  Designed to fit today’s narrower plenums, as narrow
as 10” (HUM-SFTBP) and 14” (HUM-LFTBP, HUM-FP)
•  Reversible side panels with snap-lock fittings permit 
easy change: left or right bypass installation  (HUM-SFTBP, HUM-LFTBP)
•  Ideal for installations where the return air plenum is not  easily accessible (HUM-FP)
•  Summer shut-off damper reduces bypass air through 
the humidifier during the summer months  (HUM-SFTBP, HUM-LFTBP)
•  Improved wicking and water distribution system 
accommodates non-level plenums
•  Low profile makes unit ideal in limited spaces
•  Evaporator pad dispenses water evenly in front of a warm air stream to evaporate and raise the humidity level

Cabinet Features
•  Durable thermoplastic cabinet resists rust, corrosion, 
and warping
•  Architectural Gray UV-resistant plastic exterior

•  Installation Package (humidistat, self-piercing saddle
valve, mounting template, and mounting hardware)
•  Remote  Sensing Relay (HUM-A50)
•  Evaporator Pad for HUM-LFTBP and HUM-FP  (HUM-1725051)
•  Evaporator Pad for HUM-SFTBP (HUM-1725052)
•  In-line Filters (HUM-1319051)