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With  ICE UV™  ice  machine maintenance  has  become easier, safer,  and  more  cost-effective. UV light works  continuously to kill germs  before  they 

become established, reducing the  need for frequent cleanings.

FIGHTS Mold & Bacteria


• 2-Year water-resistant germicidal  UV-C lamp
• Shatter-resistant Teflon® lamp coating
• Lifetime warranty on all parts  except  lamp
• 110-277 VAC electronic power  supply
• Moveable  mounting bracket and shield
• Multi-lamp configurations for large systems


• Saves money  on ice machine maintenance
• Works continuously to keep ice machines clean
• Effective against mold, bacteria & viruses
• Reduces health risks from dirty Ice
• Cleaner, clearer ice
UVC LABORATORY TEST Confirms 90% microbes killed after 10 minutes - 99.9% after 24 hours


UV Lamp       Standard 100% 254 NM Germicidal UV-C spectrum Effective 2 years
Teflon safety coated with cathode guard filament

Dimensions   Lamp: 8”L x 0.74”Dia.
Stainless steel lamp shield: 9.5” X 1” Power supply: 5” x 2.5” x 1”

Weight           1.5 lb.

Electrical        Auto switching multi-voltage
120 - 277 VAC, 0.51-0.22 Amps

Kits Include    Internally mountable power supply
6’ lamp cable
12” power cord
UV lamp
UV blocking tape
Lamp mounting brackets
Mounting hardware

Warranty        Lifetime for all parts except lamp