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Award-Winning UV Light System for
Mini Splits & Other Ductless Systems Mini splits like all A/C systems are prone  to internal mold growth  particularly on and near the blower wheels. Additionally

airborne biological contaminants such
as germs, viruses, and allergens, can breed and be spread in air systems. Existing
UV lights are too large for mini splits so we’ve invented  the Fresh-Aire Mini UV System™. It features miniature shielded UV lamps only 9” long with a 3/8”

- small enough to fit in the tightest  of spaces.


• Fits mini splits & similar A/C systems
2013 AHR  Expo"

• 2 Mini UV lamps only 9” L x 3/8”D

• 120 or 208-230 VAC power supply

• Flexible mounting options

• 1 year guaranteed lamp life

• 1 year power supply warranty


• Inhibits mold growth inside HVAC system

• Keeps air system components clean

• Saves energy/reduces maintenance costs

• Reduces airborne microbial contaminants

Mini UV™ inhibits
mold growth ductless
A /C units and improves indoor air quality

By reducing mold growth inside the HVAC system  Fresh-Aire Mini UV™   saves  energy and reduces the need for system maintenance.

Mini UV Specifications

UV Lamp:        Standard 100% 254 NM Germicidal UV-C Spectrum Cold Cathode
Dimensions     UV Lamps: 9”L x 0.4”Dia.
Power Supply:  6”L x 1.5”W x 1.125”H Weight            0.5 lbs.
Electrical:        120 VAC Power Supply
                     208-230 VAC Power Supply
                     Both 50 / 60 Hz, 0.1 Amps,